Here at little loves, we care about our planet. We know that by buying new we are contributing to the huge amount of textile landfill, water usage and pollution, so we only choose brands that align with our own ethics, are well-made and can be passed on to another little.

We also buy designer clothes back off our customers. We have a list of brands that we feel the quality is good enough to be worn again and again. We pay cash upfront for your goodies so you can walk away happy and not have to chase it up on consignment. 


Teach your littles about how fun cyclical clothing can be, get some newness in their wardrobes and pass on your good stuff to the next loving family.

Vintage brands we buy

Baby B'Gosh • Carhartt • Guess • Levis • Little Levis • Liberty • Okie Dokie • Oshkosh • Pumpkin Patch • Weebok

Modern brands we buy:

Have a look at our ReLoved section online now. We always have a huge selection in store, it's just a matter of getting it online before it sells!