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  • A bright yellow book with an illustration of a mother curled on the floor with a baby held close holding her hair
  • An illustration of a new mum in hospital with a newborn baby and a partner resting on his hand , both looking at the new baby
  • Pages in the book A Mother is a House showing a mother playing with baby on one page and mother looking at baby making a mess in the highchair in another
  • Pages from the book A Mother is a House showing a mother resting on the ground while a child rolls toy cars over her and another page where the mother is chatting with her friends in cute outfits.
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A Mother is a House

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by Aurore Petit - Hardcover

A mother is a nest, a mirror, a moon. The baby sees their mother in every aspect of their day. As the pages go by, the baby grows. The mother who was a refuge becomes a road, a story, and a show. On the final page, the child is ready to take their first steps.

This unique story looks through the baby's eyes for an unexpected and affecting picture of parents and home―shown through bright illustrations in gorgeous colours.